Exciting News! My Art Installation for HOKA Shoes Unveils June 4th

Its June 3, 2002 and I am excited to announce the unveiling of my art installation  for HOKA running shoes

(my very favorite running shoes by the way), will be held tomorrow,  Saturday, June 4,

at Aardvark Sports Shop, 559 Main Street, Bethlehem, PA. 

Titled  "Tour de Bethlehem," the installation features multiple large abstract paintings depicting

local landmarks.The images have been created expressly for HOKA at Aardvark.

I worked through the months of April and May to create the paintings, which includes

five long narrow wood panels, three canvas murals, and multiple hanging cork disks.

(Stay tuned for Pics).

The installation celebrates the positivity of being a walker or runner particularly in a city

as lovely as Bethlehem. One panel, depicts seven local landmarks including the Hill to Hill Bridge,

the Fahy Bridge, Sand Island, Nisky Hill Cemetery, a sunset over the Lehigh River, and

Steel Stacks after a searing summer race. The art will be on view through August. 

I created the paintings to evoke movement and a bit of a runner's high –

as most runners can identify with, I am sure.

I graduated from Freedom High School in '76 and I do not recall a track team or cross country for girls.

My love for running took hold while at Alfred University, where I earned a BFA.

There isn't much to do in upstate NY sans create art and run. So, I discovered the track team.

In retrospect, we had a quality running team with top coaches. When given this opportunity,

I knew I had to create art about running in Bethlehem. We have a strong running community here.  

I have been a customer of Aardvark since its inception more than three decades ago. I was living in NYC at the time

and would travel back to Bethlehem because Mr. Haines, owner Bruce Haines' father, would put me in the

right pair of running shoes every time.

I plan to auction paintings from the exhibit to benefit hospice meal deliveries and the Judie's Heart Palliative Care

Education Fund at the Judith Adele Agentis Charitable Foundation at http://www.jaacf.org

Stay tuned for the auction platform, and for more information. 

The beginning bid price for each panel will start at $925.00.

A starting bid for the entire installment will begin at $6000 and will 

includes all five panels, two floor murals

and the large magenta wall mural, which can be used as a contemporary

floor mat in a home or business. 

* Stay tuned for more information and photos.